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Timeline of a pandemic online: UK Google searches about Coronavirus Jan 2020 - present

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted people's lives and been the central feature of news and politics in the UK for nearly two years.

This animated bar chart uncovers - through the most common Google searches in the UK over this time - how popular concerns about it have evolved from the novelty and origins of the virus itself, through the restrictions required to combat it and the key figures leading the response, to the vaccine rollout and ongoing worry about variants.

January 30th 2022 UPDATE: I've added "sue gray" and "downing street party" to the tracked search terms, and put the default view on searches for key events and people to show the comparative importance of partygate against previous scandals of the pandemic such as Dominic Cummings at Barnard Castle and Matt Hancock's romantic interpretation of "Hands, Face, Space" last summer. Despite the media rumblings and pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign, Google search intensity shows Hancock as the clear winner.

Source data: Google Trends API (Connector for Python created by GeneralMills on GitHub).
Click here to view a talk I gave about making this dashboard in Feb 2022 for the London Business Analytics Group on Meetup.