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UCOVI Woke Monopoly: July 2023 game-play data analysis

In July 2021 we built Woke Monopoly as a synoptic project of three frequent distractions from the groundhog days of the COVID lockdowns: amateur web development, board games, and divisive identity politics.

It's a quiz of six multiple-choice questions about gender identity and sexuality, food, and Monopoly game-play choices. Each player is scored on wokeness based on their answers gets a Monopoly property from Mayfair (social justice warriors) to Jail (gammons). Nearly 500 people have played, which we think is an N number that's big enough to mine some societal insights from the game-play data collected.

Our Power BI dashboard below shows that like IQs, heights, and rolls of the double dice that kick off a Monopoly move, wokeness is normally distributed (60% of the players got the two middle cards out of six - Angel Islington and Whitechapel Road). When people played again, they mostly tried to make themselves more woke in their second round of answers (a good omen for the struggle for fairness/equality/saving the planet and all that).

As an aside comment on Power BI custom visuals, we visualised the point-scoring logic which translates the multiple-choice options into the six Monopoly squares using CK Corporation's Tree visual. We found this one to be the best looking and easiest to customise of Power BI's options for presenting decision trees, organisational hierarchies, or logical flows.