Data Viz Gallery

UCOVI's array of dashboards below showcase what you get when you combine Microsoft Power BI on a free subscription with openly available datasets.

The DVLA Dashboard (2019)

Driving licences and penalties UK 2014-2018 by region, age and gender.

A Human Right to Business Intelligence? (2020)

An interactive dashboard for global adoption of UN Human Rights and Peacekeeping International Treaties

Structured data = Successful dates? (2020)

Tinder Trends from UCOVI founder Ned Stratton's dating history 2013-2018.

The UCOVI Political Spectrum of Data: Survey Response Analysis

In 2020 UCOVI asked people to rate themselves as Data Protectors, Regulators, Sharers or Liberators.

Timeline of a pandemic online (2021)

UK Google searches about the Coronavirus pandemic Jan 2020 to present. *Longlisted for the 2022 Information is Beautiful Awards*

The Power-BI-s have it (2021)

Textual analysis in Power BI of Prime Minister's Questions debates since 1997.

Are current UK COVID case numbers inversely correlated with vaccination uptake? (Data as of November 2021)

The Waitrose Index (2022)

How a lack of Waitroses in Leave areas caused Brexit.