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What's new in the world of data and analytics, plus the latest best-in-class infographic and dataviz pieces and Youtube data skills and careers content.

5th August 2022 Leila Gharani Youtube video Microsoft MVP Leila Gharani covers new functionality in Excel to get data from images or screengrabs that contain numbers. It has its limits but overall a good productivity hack.
5th August 2022 Visual Capitalist Data Viz At UCOVI we love a beer, and we love this worldwide beer consumption chart on Visual Capitalist. This hybrid pie-chart/treemap visual seems to be catching on, and the technique of arranging the areas into randomly-shaped but easy-to-size-compare areas instead of slices emanating from the centre point boosts readability, style and sense of fun.
3rd August 2022 Adam Dant Data Viz Possibly stretching the bounds of what constitutes data viz, but the London-based artist Adam Dant is very much the David McCandless of the hand-painted world with his new book Adam Dant's Political Maps. This is a wide collection of drawn London-map infographics (a comprehensive map of scandals involving Boris Johnson and garish architectural ideas that never materialised being two examples), as well as amusing randoms such as a drinking occasion for every day of the year and what to drink. It scratches an itch for anyone interested in information visualisation.
31st July 2022 Visual Capitalist Data Viz Allow us to introduce Visual Capitalist - a real treasure trove of magazine-quality infographics and reports on the global economy, climate change, the mass media and much else. Their latest piece is an animated pie chart tracing the rise and fall of popular web browsers since the 1990s.
22nd July 2022 Microsoft New Software Features Power BI July 2022 Update shipped - feature summary here.
22nd July 2022 Financial Times Data Viz A colourful downloadable poster from the FT grouping chart and graph types into 9 core statistical and analytical goals (spatial/variable correlation/change over time etc).
14th July 2022 Stack Overflow Surveys and reports Stack Overflow's 2022 developer survey findings have been published. If there's a question about developers, tech and coding that this survey didn't ask, it simply wasn't worth asking. Plenty here for data folk.
14th July 2022 Leila Gharani Youtube video A handy new demo from Leila Gharani on embedding Power BI reports in PowerPoint and keeping the tooltip, filtering and drillthrough functionality.
10th July 2022 Twitter Data Viz William Lau (@MrLauLearning) with a London Underground map visual representation of the GCSE IT and Computer Science course.
An imaginative and accessible view of how IT, programming and data are taught at school level in the UK and a good shopping list of new concepts to look into for budding data engineers and programmers.
29th June 2022 Reddit Data Viz A truly excellent deployment of a 2-axis heatmap to show popularity of compound insults used on Reddit.
On the X-axis you have the first part ("dumb"), with the second part on the Y ("ass").
View here.
26th June 2022 MSNBC Data in the news A spotlight on data privacy legal loopholes as they relate to the Roe vs Wade controversy in the US. Read here.
14th June 2022 Microsoft New Software Features Power BI June 2022 Update shipped - feature summary here.
10th June 2022 Luke Barousse Youtube video In his latest video Data Youtuber Luke Barousse talks maths and statistics for data analysts.
2nd June 2022 Leila Gharani Youtube video A new Excel training video from Microsoft MVP Leila Gharani on organisational data types.