"Our generation has the critical job of the data infant for our species."

UCOVI stands for the five stages of data: Understand, Collect, Organise, Visualise, Interpret.

It defines both the competencies of the complete data professional and the order of an organisation's journey from data infancy to data driven.

Here you can find discussions and interviews about data, a data viz gallery, and a calendar of upcoming UK-based and online data events.

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LATEST UPDATE - 6th December 2022: New blog post - stories of number-fudging from rogue data analysts.

The UCOVI Team


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Ned has over 5 years' experience in data quality management, analytics, and database management in finance, events, publishing, and politics. He works in SQL, Power BI/DAX and Python, with additional competencies in Excel VBA and front-end website development.


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Slav is an innovative and creative data leader with a history of commercially beneficial analytics solutions. Has a strong belief that data is at the heart of every modern business. He has experience with delivering data solutions for several firms including DHL, Sainsburys, Williams Lea, and Ernst & Young.

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