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Interview: Adrian Mitchell - Founder,

Ned Stratton: 28th June 2022

Last week I quizzed Adrian Mitchell - Founder and CEO of - on their specialist project tool for data analytics. We discussed why it's like JIRA but better for business users, how it democratises the prioritisation of analytics projects in businesses with its unique task-voting system, and what it does to help business stakeholders brief in requests for analytics (a frequent pain point).

We also explored the insights from Brijj's Emotional Intelligence Report - a survey of data analysts and analytics leaders on the main sources of satisfaction and frustration in their job roles and wider careers that was published in January this year.

A great deal comes out in the report and our discussion about it on the importance of accurate expectation-setting when recruiting for a data analytics or data science role, as well as the blend of incentives that companies need to provide their data teams in order to hold onto talent.

This interview builds on previous work on The UCOVI Blog covering issues around the organisational structure and management of data teams, which includes our debate piece from October 2021 on whether analytics is an IT or a business function.

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